Sometimes we are wondering how can we edit our videos easily like a pro in just a few minutes. So there are many video editing apps like Filmora, Adobe Premiere Rush, and more but CapCut is developed for non-experienced persons who don’t have much time to create the best edits. 

CapCut MOD APK v11.6.1 (Premium Unlocked)

Download Cap Cut MOD APK for Android to enjoy basic and advanced editing with 200+ presets, filters, transition effects, and multiple features.

CapCut is a free, all-in-one video editing app, that has been recognized worldwide. Its premium version has everything you need to create stunning and high-quality videos & If you are looking for a free premium subscription to CapCut APK then Capcut Mod APK is one of the best options for you with lots of features to enjoy free professional editing that you cannot get with the free version.

What is Capcut Mod Apk?

An APK version of CapCut Mod to accommodate users’ needs & it’s a free-to-use application. Capcut mod APK user-friendly editing interface is an ideal choice for beginners who want to turn their video content into professional mode without editing experience. Capcut mod APK’s version gives users access to unlimited features without any restrictions.

It allows them to unlock all cap cut templates and includes a library of sound effects, stickers, transitions, and many more that you can use very easily and quickly, without any hassle, in just a few minutes for fantastic, extraordinary, and professional-level video editing. 

This makes it an attractive choice for people who want to use 100 paid features free of cost. You can use Capcut mod APK without any fear because it’s safe and secures your data also this Capcut mod APK video editing app is designed for your Android devices, IOS devices, computers, and laptops.

General Features of Capcut Premium:

  • Easy and Simple to Use 
  • Video Editor with a Drag-andDrop Interface
  • Ability To Add Transitions, In and out of Wonderful animation, Text, Filters, and Effects
  • Templates Variety
  • Text to speech & Speech to text: With a single click, you can convert it. There are 11 voices and 10 languages available.
  • Simple Overlay Function: Adding images, stickers, Logo, & text.
  • Resize video:  With a single click, you can change the size of your video for different social platforms.
  • Soundtracks and sound effects: 50,000+ soundtracks and sound effects are available in the cap cut library
  • Supports Multiple Video and Audio Tracks: You can add multiple videos, combining multiple images, sound effects, voiceovers, music tracks, and audio clips to your videos.
  • Allows You to Export Your Finished Video in Various Formats: MP4 format is the best option because most social media platforms support this format.
  • Has Built-In Social Media Sharing Feature: Allows users to share their videos directly on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. 

Advanced Features of Latest version of CapCut Mod APK

No Advertisement

An advertisement has continued for ten to thirty seconds, and you can’t skip the ad until you watch the entire ad. If you click the ad by mistake, it will be redirected to a new window where advertisers display the ad. If you use the Capcut mod apk, users can completely focus on their tasks while editing any video without being distracted by advertisements. you can enjoy an ad-free editing experience.

Speed Control

CapCut Mod APK allows you to control the speed of your video clips. You can create slow-motion or fast-motion effects to emphasize or highlight specific moments within your footage.

Remove Capcut Watermark

When you download and export any video from the official CapCut app a watermark or logo of CapCut appears at the corner of your video as it affects the overall quality of the video. CapCut Mod APK  removes the watermark completely & allows users to produce high-quality video content. This feature can be beneficial, especially for content creators who need to make a professional video.

Free Templates

You can use the readymade templates when you have limited time and no premium editing skills but want to edit high-quality videos. 350+ templates are available in the CapCut Mod APK. There are new and updated templates uploaded to the CapCut library every single day and week. 

Music and Soundtrack Effect

The CapCut app requires a premium subscription to access the premium soundtracks and music libraries. CapCut Mod APK will get unrestricted entry to these premium soundtracks and allow you to enhance your videos with high-quality music with the integration of TikTok.

Filters % Effects

CapCut Mod APK offers a vast collection of effects and filters that improve the visual appearance of your videos. CapCut MOd APK unlocks 100 effects and filters without any cost.

  • Beat Filter
  • Image Filter change
  • Cinematic effect
  • Slomo
  • Pinch
  • Shadow
  • Glitch
  • 3D
  • Swirl
  • Bulge
  • Color contrast
  • Retouch
  • Dolce
  • Natty
  • Clear

Glitch Effect

The glitch effect is famous on all social media platforms and is mostly used for intros and outros of video titles which causes changes in the colors and breaks the video or photos. CapCut Mod APK makes it easy to add glitching effects to your videos. You don’t need to download and install any other heavy usage apps.

Chroma Key

CapCut mod APK has the Chroma key feature which users can easily change the background color of their videos and photos. Green or Blue screen technology is working behind this feature that allows video editors to create visually engaging content with the help of advanced capabilities. This appealing feature is widely used in the film industry to create incredible visual effects.

XML Capcut Support

XML files are frequently used in video editing to store project information and individuals want more control over their modifications because it allows users to import, export, and manipulate XML files. You can share your CapCut Mod APK projects with other software or platforms like, Final Cut Pro, Final Cut X, Adobe Premiere Pro, Websites, Databases, and third-party applications.

Audio Songs Library

You can add music to your videos to make them extraordinary from ordinary. CapCut has an audio songs library for you and you can add these songs to your videos. Upload a video clip in CapCut, tap on sound, and then on Music. You’ll get many audio songs and music tracks. You can also search for your favorite songs to add to your videos.

Highly Customizable

One of the app’s standout features is its ongoing updates with new functionalities. This ensures that the app remains dynamic and exciting, constantly evolving to meet users’ needs. CapCut APK is an excellent choice for those seeking to produce captivating and enjoyable videos.

Auto Caption

Adding a caption in the video manually takes hours, but now there is no need to waste time because CapCut offers you the stunning feature of auto caption. You can add a caption in a few seconds. In order to add a caption, open CapCut and import the video you want to add captions to, tap on the “Text” option appearing at the bottom of the screen, and then click on the “Auto Captions” and here you go! auto-captions are added to your video. You can also add text fonts to the caption, adjust the size of text, and also adjust the location of text on the screen.

Photo Editing

CapCut has now added the feature of photo editing and now you can also edit your photos using CapCut and it’s great news for its users. To edit your photo open the app, click on the option edit in the bottom left corner, and then click on the photo editor option given on the top of your screen. Now import your photo you want to edit and edit it according to you. You’ll get several editing options like adjusting the size of the image, adding text, shapes, and stickers, adjusting the colors of the image, adding filters, editing the background, and many more. You’ll get many other editing options when you click the image.

Image Background Remover

You can also remove the background of any image and add a new one using CapCut. To do all this open the app and click on the “View all” option. There you’ll see many features but you have to select “Background Remover”. Select the desired image and it will remove the background on a single click. You can also use brushes to remove the background manually.

Text to image

CapCut has introduced a new feature that converts your text into image by using AI. To convert text into images, simply open the app and select the “Text to Image” option on the top. After that write your text and click on Generate. You will see the stunning results within seconds.

Auto Cut

CapCut offers a stunning feature of auto cut. Open the app and select the auto-cut option appearing on the top. Now import your video and select the effects you like the most and then click on the export button to export the video. After a while, the video will be in your device’s gallery.

Product Photos

You can now edit the product photos using CapCut. Open the app and select the product photo showing on the top. Now select the photo of the product adjust the photo size for your platform and then click on AI Background. Now select your favorite background for your product and export it. Your product photo is now ready to use.

AI Poster

You can also create AI posters for your products and any other purpose using CapCut. To create a poster open the app and click on expand. You will find an AI poster after expanding the features. Open it select the image of your product and write the caption in the section given. Click on generate and it will give you several posters. Choose the poster you like and export the image to use it.

AI Model

If you hold a business of clothing and cannot afford a model, then this feature is for you. You can use the AI Model feature to save your money. To use the feature simply open the app and click on the AI Model option given at the top of the screen. After you click on it, You’ll have to select the model. Select the model and then upload the picture of your product. You can also change the pose of the model. Click on generate and you will get several results. Choose your favorite and use it for your purpose.

How to add text behind the video?

You can add text behind the video by following few simple steps:

  • Open the app and import the video clip.
  • Now add the text by clicking on Text and then on Add Text and enter your text.
  • Now apply fonts and styles to your text and also adjust its location on the screen and export the video.
  • Now create a new project and select the video you’ve just edited.
  • Now go to overlay and add the original video without text and adjust it over the previous video by zooming in.
  • Now go to the cutout option tap on Remove BG and wait until CapCut removes the background.
  • Now export the video and it’s all done.

Video guides how to add text

How To Blur Video Background?

  • Open the app and import the video clip.
  • Click on overlay and import the same video once again.
  • select the overlay clip and click on Remove BG and remove its background.
  • Now open the effects section and select blur. Adjust the intensity of the blur effect and that’s it.
  • The blur effect is applied to your video and you’ll have blur background.

Video Guides About How To Blur Video Background in CapCut?

Best CapCut Export Settings

Many people edit a good video but after export they do not get the same results they want. They made mistakes while exporting videos. Before exporting the video, you should adjust the export settings. Adjust resolution to 1080p or 2K/4K and frame rate to 60 if your device supports 60FPS. Adjust the code rate to recommended or high level. This is the CapCut best export setting.

Why Choose Capcut Mod APK Over Other Editing App?

  • No ads
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Free Of Cost: Without any subscription you can also use the premium features
  • Versatile Editing Features: Trimming, cutting, merging, and adding music, filters, transitions, and text overlays are just a few of the many editing options offered by CapCut Mod APK.
  • Unlock all premium features: High-quality effects, Filters, Music and Soundtrack, and many more.
  • Make it accessible to a wide range of users for both IOS and Android devices.
  • If you’re making vlogs, short films, or fun TikTok videos, CapCut Mod APK is the best.
  • Export videos in high resolution: Up to 4K
  • User Community: you can find tutorials, tips, and inspiration from other users on social media platforms.

Comparison with KineMaster:


User InterfaceSimple and intuitive
FeaturesBasic editing, filters, effects
CompatibilityiOS and Android
Export OptionsVarious resolutions and formats
CommunityGrowing community with basic support


User InterfaceUser-friendly with extensive editing tools
FeaturesMultiple layers, blending modes, chroma key
CompatibilityiOS and Android
CostFree version with limitations, Paid version
Export OptionsVarious resolutions and formats
CommunityLarge community with extensive support

Comparison with Filmora


User InterfaceSimple and intuitive
FeaturesBasic editing, filters, effects
CompatibilityPC, iOS, and Android
Export OptionsVarious resolutions and formats
CommunityGrowing community with basic support


User InterfaceIntuitive interface with a wide range of editing tools, suitable for both beginners and professionals
FeaturesComprehensive set of editing tools including advanced effects, transitions, audio editing
CompatibilityDesktop (Windows, macOS)
CostFree version with limitations, Subscription-based pricing
Export OptionsOffers a variety of export formats and resolutions
CommunityEstablished community with active forums, tutorials, and user support

Capcut Premium Plan Cost:

CapCut may offer subscription plans that provide access to advanced features, effects, or cloud storage. All premium features of CapCut can be accessed by these subscription plans so choose the plan that suits your needs: 

Premium Plan Cost

  • Monthly Subscription: Monthly $7.99
  • One-month PRO: One-Time $9.99
  • One-year PRO: One-Time $74.99
  • CapCut cloud space: Monthly $1.99
  • But CapCut Mod APK is completely free to use and users can access unlimited features without any restrictions.

Pros & Cons of Capcut Mod Apk 


  • Regular updates
  • It is convenient to use
  • Wide range of features
  • Pre-made templates are available
  • Accessible mobile-friendly interface
  • Free to download, Basic editing tools are free
  • Huge variety of sound effects and audio tracks
  • Appropriate for both Beginners and Professionals
  • Incredible effects, transitions, and filters are available.


  • Some features are not available as they require in-app purchase
  • The app cannot be used in landscape mode, which annoys some users.
  • The app may have glitches and bugs, so it is less convenient than you think.
  • Good for beginner to average videos but maybe not suitable for professional videos
  • Accuracy glitches of some features, such as removing background and body effects
  • Added track amount is limited relatively

Comparison between CapCut Apk, CapCut Mod Apk, CapCut PC & IOS

CapCut Apk

AttributesCapCut Apk
Operating SystemAndroid
Resolution CourageHD 1080P
UX/UI User interfaceFriendly
Editing PowerBasic to Advance
Sound RippingYes

CapCut Mod Apk

AttributesCapCut Apk
Operating SystemAndroid
Resolution CourageUp to 4K
UX/UI User interfaceFriendly
Editing PowerBasic and premium tools
Sound RippingYes

CapCut For PC

AttributesCapCut Apk
Operating SystemWindows
Resolution CourageHD 1080P
UX/UI User interfaceFriendly
Editing PowerBasic to Advance
Sound RippingYes

CapCut For IOS

AttributesCapCut Apk
Operating SystemIOS
Resolution CourageHD 1080P
UX/UI User interfaceFriendly
Editing PowerBasic to Advance
Sound RippingYes

How is the CapCut Mod APK downloaded?

  • First of all, download the APK file from the provided download link.
  • Open the settings on your Android device and go to the “Security” section.
  • Enable the “Unknown sources” option to allow installation of third-party apps.
  • Wait for the download to finish, After that Open the APK file that you downloaded, and tap on “Install” to start the installation process
  • The installation will take a few seconds to complete.
  • Continue with the subsequent installation steps like normal for Android.
  • After completion, you can tap on “Open” to start the app or “Done” to open it later.
  • Finally, enjoy using the CapCut premium templates for free in CapCut Mod APK.

Old version vs Latest version

We’re excited to introduce the “Old Version vs Now Version” template, a highly popular choice among our users with over 6.17 million uses and 25 unique styles. This template provides a range of options for users to craft their ideal video. Simply click the “Use Template” button to access the template on the CapCut web version for editing. Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your videos with our “Old Version vs Now Version” CapCut template. Start creating and exporting your videos effortlessly on the web today.

Old version vs Latest version

FeatureOld VersionLatest Version
User InterfaceBasic and outdated designModern and intuitive interface
PerformanceSlow and prone to crashesOptimized for speed and stability
FeaturesLimited functionalityRich set of features and options
CompatibilityLimited compatibility with newer systemsFull compatibility with the latest platforms
SecurityBasic security measuresEnhanced security protocols and encryption
UpdatesInfrequent updatesRegular updates with bug fixes and improvements
Customer SupportLimited support options24/7 customer support with multiple channels
PriceRelatively inexpensiveMay have increased price for added features

System Requirements For CapCut Mod Apk

RAM2 GB4 GB or higher
Storage250 MB500 MB or higher
ProcessorQuad-core 1.5 GHzOcta-core 2.0 GHz or higher
Screen720p1080p or higher
Operating System
Android 5.0 (Lollipop)Android 7.0 (Nougat) or higher


In conclusion, CapCut Mod APK is a game-changer that provides users with diverse tools to create and customize their videos that leave an impact. Its user-friendly interface, extensive editing options, and integration with various social media platforms make it an ideal option for content creators. Using the mod version, users can enjoy premium features without any interruptions from ads or watermarks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, CapCut Mod APK can be used without a VPN. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are unnecessary to run CapCut ‘s customized version. 

Yes, it is entirely free and includes all unlocked premium features.

Yes, you can modify your videos offline using the downloaded mod APK version of CapCut without any Wi-Fi or internet connection.

CapCut on Android generally requires a device with at least 1 GB of RAM and a minimum storage space of 500MB.

Users Reviews

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“CapCut exceeded my expectations, offering an intuitive interface, extensive editing options, and reliable performance. It’s my go-to app for creating stunning videos effortlessly!”
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“CapCut has transformed my video editing journey with its seamless functionality, diverse effects, and constant updates. It’s the perfect companion for both beginners and experienced editors.”
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“CapCut is a game-changer in the world of video editing, providing a user-friendly platform, exceptional tools, and exceptional support. It’s truly a must-have for anyone looking to unleash their creativity.”